Formulation and Package
1. Customer-oriented formulations and mixtures with better efficacy-oriented recipes are Sino Agro highlight.

2. Sino Agro plant has realized fully automatic and clean pesticide packaging in China. Advanced automatic machines are induced for packing and     labeling. Orderly and clean packages gain good reputation from customers worldwide.
    Customers’ attention is Sino Agro striving direction. We control strictly on products specification and we are focusing every detail concerning chemical     and physical properties. Any goods are not allowed to be shipped until receiving customers’ approval.

Apparatus for liquid
Liquid processing area is divided into two parts, undertaking processing of such formulations as EC, SL, SC, ODC, FS, EW, ME, SE, CS ULV and etc,.
1.Designed with five SC production lines, daily processing volume of each line 6 kiloliters.

2.Designed with seven sets of EC and SC production lines, daily processing volume of 60 kiloliters.

No matter a big order to 160 kiloliters of 10 containers or a small order of 50liter to 100 liters, or processing several kinds of products simultaneously, all customers’ need could be met here.

Apparatus for Solid
Powder processing area is in charge of such powder formulation as WP, SP, WDG, WSG, DF, DS and WS, we have three sets of powder production lines, an annual production capacity of 2,000 tons of WP and SP, and 1,000 tons of WDG has initially taken shape.
1.Induced the most advanced liquid automatic spray granulator
2.Owning automatic extruding granulation technology.
3.Responsible to control cross contamination in the process of powder processing.
   Water-based, dust free, ultrafine and micro-encapsulated formulations are our plant’s highlight, all of which are becoming our dominant formulations
   and the production capacity is increasing year by year.

R & D

Our R&D team keeps optimizing the manufacturing process and improving the quality of both technical materials and formulated products. Simultaneously, we’re always focusing on technology research and innovation to increase the competitiveness of our products. Customer-oriented formulations and mixtures with better efficacy-oriented recipes are striving direction of our R&D team.

Quality Control
“Quality first, Service foremost” is our consistent commitment, Sino Agro’s products are selective to meet clients’ increasing and superior standards. Our products conform to the specification of FAO. Each batch of the products must be inspected and analyzed rigidly in the method of CIPAC in our Quality Control Center. Any goods are not allowed to be shipped until receiving our clients’ approval.
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