CAS No.: 22781–23–3

Structural Formula:

Mode of action: Systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action. Gives rapid knockdown, and has good residual activity.

Uses: Active against many public health, industrial and storage pests, such as Formicidae, Blattodea, Culicidae, Muscidae, Siphonaptera and mosquitoes. Particularly useful inside buildings, due to its low odour and lack of corrosive and staining properties. Formerly also used in turf, ornamentals and agriculture.

Blattodea Culicidae Muscidae Siphonaptera

Formulation: 95%TC, 80%WP

bendiocarb should be applied in mixture with water through hand-held or knapsack sprayers using the following procedure.
1.Ensure that sprayer is clean and free of oily residues. If necessary wash out the sprayer with water and detergent before use.
2.Fill the sprayer with the required volume of water. Add the required quantity of bendiocarb. Close the sprayer and shake before use.
   Re-shake after periods of rest.
3.Apply as a coarse spray. For treatment of exposed surfaces use a flat-fan nozzle with an output of 0.5 – 0.7 litre per minute.
   Such nozzles are normally marked 8002 or 02F80.
4.To spray a single band e.g. at wall/floor junctions hold the nozzle approximately 0.5 metre from the surface to be sprayed and spray at a speed of 0.5 metre    per second. This will produce a sprayed band 0.8 metre wide. To spray large areas of surface e.g. carpets, proceed as above but spray overlapping bands    0.5 metre apart. This will ensure an even coverage of spray.
5.To spray cracks and crevices, use a pin-stream nozzle or special crack and crevice extension.

Sprayed Surfaces :
bendiocarb sprays can be applied to any surface which is not damaged by water alone. bendiocarb will remain active for many weeks at the normal rate and greater residuality will be achieved at the special rate. The residual life of the deposit will vary depending upon the cleanliness and nature of the surface to which it is applied. Therefore re-treat as necessary. bendiocarb treated premises can be re-occupied by children, pets and other animals once the sprayed surfaces are dry.

Use one (50 ml = 15 g) measure in 5 litres of water. Spray hiding, runway and scavenging areas paying particular attention to cracks and crevices and areas behind or under machinery, kitchen equipment or pipework, which are usual cockroach harbourages. In situations where very heavy cockroach infestations are present, where an extended period of control is required, e.g. ships and aircraft, or where conditions are particularly unhygienic, use two (2 x 50 ml = 30 g) measures in 5 litres of water. For complete eradication of infestations, it is essential to conduct spray treatment with bendiocarb in conjunction with treatment of inaccessible areas such as service ducts and roof voids with a suitable insecticidal dust such as bendiocarb.

Ants: Use one (50 ml = 15 g) measure in 5 litres of water. Spray in and around nests, runs and foraging areas. A barrier spray of bendiocarb around buildings, paying particular attention to doors, windows and other entry points, will prevent entry of foraging ants from outside.

Fleas: Use one (50 ml = 15 g) measure in 5 litres of water. Spray floor coverings and furniture particularly in areas likely to be infested including sleeping areas of dogs and cats but not directly on people, animals or bedding.

Flies: Use one (50 ml = 15 g) measure in 5 litres of water. Add 50 g of sugar and stir to dissolve. Identify where flies settle and spray the surface. The sugar acts as a bait encouraging flies to remain on the treated surface long enough to pick up a lethal dose of insecticide.

Bed Bugs: Use one (50 ml = 15 g) measure in 5 litres of water. Spray bed frames and mattresses and cracks and crevices in adjacent wall and floor areas. Do not spray bed linen or other materials which come into direct contact with occupants of the bed.

Wasps and Wild Bees: Use one (50 ml = 15 g) measure in 5 litres of water. Spray nest entrances and surrounding areas thoroughly.





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